Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Financial / other new york lessons

So I've moved, I don't know if you heard. I'm back in Utah and am going to help my sis out with some issues she's got (and vice versa.)

This is airing out my dirty laundry for financially how I spent my new york life, in an effort to save other people from the same fate.

As my collegues on the Engadget Podcast always used to council, wait to buy consumer electronics devices. While they were counciling more along the lines of, "Wait till the next version comes out, it's going to rock!" I'm counciling more along the lines of, "Wait till you can afford the next version."

Life lessons I've learned: Life isn't constant, nor is it easy. Don't expect everything to stay the same as it has been, because I gaurentee it won't stay the same. I had just gotten to a point in my New York job / life where things were evening out. I had all the furniture I needed, all the consumer electronics I needed, and I was just about to start settling down for some good ol' credit payments. Then May 31st hit. My brother died. In the immediate term, nothing changed. I came back to New York two weeks later, kept collecting the same paycheck I had before, and nothing was really different. BUT, that was before I realized the full impact of my brothers death not only on his wife and kids, but my other brothers and sisters.

I'll post more later.

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