Friday, December 08, 2006

Buh Bye Blogga!

As much fun I've had here on Randall@NYC, I am indeed no longer in NYC, so it's time to move to the next stage of my life. To make this blog transition easier for everyone (I'm looking at you, Shauna! :) ) I created a new domain name. Write this down!

Easy, right? I've switched to Dreamhost with Wordpress, which seems to be as extensible as I want it to be.

Again, thanks for reading. I'll have my first post within minutes!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nobody's watching Taran on the Price is Right

I've talked about Nobody's Watching a bunch of times on this blog, mainly cause I think it's so genious, but today as I was working for the CBS O&O KUTV, I saw him as a contestant! The other guy was also in the audience, which is friggin awesome. Too bad, however, Katie Couric cut in on the price is right. I'm sure it'll end up on youtube within a few hours.

Sidechannel: I switched hosting providers to Dreamhost, and as such, I'll be moving my blog within a few days to a new address, ( is taken, of course...) right now that address redirects here, but it's going to completely change (new design, new publishing platform, etc etc.) expect to see more soon.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

James Kim & Ryan Bennett


Check Wikipedia for Ryan and James, but off the grief factor / sadness tip, both were 35 when they died (Ryan was born August 20th 70, James August 9th 71) both leaving behind a wife and kids, both were well respected members of the media, both popular in their own niches, both gone too soon. It's been almost exactly six months. (Ryan was May 31, Kim was reported missing on November 30)

Yeah, talk about old wounds.

James Kim, RIP

I was just sure of it. Absolutely sure of it. I thought after searchers found the family that James would be found alive. Unfortunately for the tech community, and more specifically his family, the body of James Kim was found in the oregon wilderness earlier today.
CNet, Kim's employer, has the full details.

I thought it would end differently for his family. I really truly did. It's hard for me to know if it was for a reason, or why things like this happen, but one thing is for certain... I hope my brother and James get to meet up for the heavenly equivalent of a cup of coffee and talk about their awesome lives as fathers, husbands and men who are deeply respected in their communities.

As I write this blog post, the tears come welling up. It's an unfortunate reminder of our mortality, and an unfortunate flashback to June.

James, I never knew you, but if you can read blog posts in heaven, I know a ton of people who cared for you deeply. Have a good time up there, and continue to watch over your family always. Your kids can always watch videos of you, which I know is of little consolation, but for me and my brother's situation, it seemed to calm me down a little. However, now that you've got the ultimate perspective, say what's up to my brother and sister. Let them know I miss them a lot.

Ryan and Veronica, I know it doesn't help right now, but I know exactly how you feel. Ryan, you were there for me at a crazy freaking time. I was in complete shock, and you somehow helped me through it. You've got my number/email, call me. Anytime.

Chase, you're horrible.

Chase Bank... in case you were wondering why I hadn't used my checking account in three months... this is a pretty good indication.

I logged into my account, which had about five bucks in it, and I see my checking account balance is $0.00

12/05/2006 SERVICE FEE $5.82

Yeah... The service fee? They took all my money cause I hadn't used the account in a few months.

This, Chase, is why I'll never use you again. You served a convienient purpose with your numerous New York ATMs, but going forward I'll only deposit a few hundred dollars at a time to use your convenient ATMs.

I hate you Chase. I hate you, and I never loved you. I won't take it back, we're THROUGH.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


So I'm not depressed again, but I've been having a kind of rough three days. A few things kind of kicked off the crap. First, I started clenching my teeth real bad, and now my front tooth hurts kind of bad.

More importantly, second, James Kim & family are missing. I don't know James Kim, I just know some friends of friends, but the whole story makes me sick to my stomach. For the uninitiated, James went to thanksgiving dinner in Seattle. He never returned to his San Francisco home or office. There's a full scale search in progress, but no one knows where he or his family are. Remember last Saturday? There was all that snow in the northwest, making the roads kind of bad. Police have also confirmed that neither James, nor his wife, have used their cellphones or credit cards in a week. While I don't want to think for the worst, I do. The whole scenario is horrid, and kicks me right back to June... but it also makes me realize that part of my family is still here, and just my brother is gone. Tragic? Of course. Both scenarios are horrid. I'm praying for his family, I'd encourage you to do the same.