Wednesday, December 06, 2006

James Kim, RIP

I was just sure of it. Absolutely sure of it. I thought after searchers found the family that James would be found alive. Unfortunately for the tech community, and more specifically his family, the body of James Kim was found in the oregon wilderness earlier today.
CNet, Kim's employer, has the full details.

I thought it would end differently for his family. I really truly did. It's hard for me to know if it was for a reason, or why things like this happen, but one thing is for certain... I hope my brother and James get to meet up for the heavenly equivalent of a cup of coffee and talk about their awesome lives as fathers, husbands and men who are deeply respected in their communities.

As I write this blog post, the tears come welling up. It's an unfortunate reminder of our mortality, and an unfortunate flashback to June.

James, I never knew you, but if you can read blog posts in heaven, I know a ton of people who cared for you deeply. Have a good time up there, and continue to watch over your family always. Your kids can always watch videos of you, which I know is of little consolation, but for me and my brother's situation, it seemed to calm me down a little. However, now that you've got the ultimate perspective, say what's up to my brother and sister. Let them know I miss them a lot.

Ryan and Veronica, I know it doesn't help right now, but I know exactly how you feel. Ryan, you were there for me at a crazy freaking time. I was in complete shock, and you somehow helped me through it. You've got my number/email, call me. Anytime.

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