Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nobody's watching Taran on the Price is Right

I've talked about Nobody's Watching a bunch of times on this blog, mainly cause I think it's so genious, but today as I was working for the CBS O&O KUTV, I saw him as a contestant! The other guy was also in the audience, which is friggin awesome. Too bad, however, Katie Couric cut in on the price is right. I'm sure it'll end up on youtube within a few hours.

Sidechannel: I switched hosting providers to Dreamhost, and as such, I'll be moving my blog within a few days to a new address, ( is taken, of course...) right now that address redirects here, but it's going to completely change (new design, new publishing platform, etc etc.) expect to see more soon.


testmonkey said...

to mix and match a bit:

Dreamhost, come on down!

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