Saturday, December 02, 2006


So I'm not depressed again, but I've been having a kind of rough three days. A few things kind of kicked off the crap. First, I started clenching my teeth real bad, and now my front tooth hurts kind of bad.

More importantly, second, James Kim & family are missing. I don't know James Kim, I just know some friends of friends, but the whole story makes me sick to my stomach. For the uninitiated, James went to thanksgiving dinner in Seattle. He never returned to his San Francisco home or office. There's a full scale search in progress, but no one knows where he or his family are. Remember last Saturday? There was all that snow in the northwest, making the roads kind of bad. Police have also confirmed that neither James, nor his wife, have used their cellphones or credit cards in a week. While I don't want to think for the worst, I do. The whole scenario is horrid, and kicks me right back to June... but it also makes me realize that part of my family is still here, and just my brother is gone. Tragic? Of course. Both scenarios are horrid. I'm praying for his family, I'd encourage you to do the same.

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