Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Confidence part deux

So two things...

Thanks to the commenters for rocking out. No one has my back refers to my immediate life, as opposed to my life at large. My immediate little circle of goodness that I see frequently and talk to frequently, no one has expressed true support in my eyes. REGARDLESS, I heard an awesome quote today... some astronomers from the early days of astronomy that discovered all the different kinds of stars and the sort (Galileo, etc) said they had to stand on the shoulders of people that came before them to see new ideas. I feel kind of like that. I think I'm standing on the shoulders of people around me to see some new ideas. I'm sure people do have my back (Especially J, Josh, Kerry, Christoph, Alex, the list goes on...) but some folks in my immediate circle were pissing me off, which resulted in the anger filled (and excessive) blog post. Sorry if I pissed you off, I was probably not talking about you if you're reading this blog. It's people that don't read my blog, and I was venting.

As for the other thing... J is one of the funniest kids EVAR, and I just realized that in my google reader refresh (I switched RSS readers from Newzcrawler to Google's wonderful reader) I forgot to bring along his site to the goog. Now I did, and I'm so glad I did.

Example of his brilliance?

He want's backup dancers.

Yeah, he's awesome, right?

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