Thursday, November 16, 2006

Startup Checklist

If you couldn't tell by my last few blog posts, I'm obsessed with my new internet startup, Tech Check What do you think of it so far?

Alex, bound to be internet famous at some point for his and Gavin's eMurse, pointed me to a startup site targeted toward software developers, but good advice for any small business starting out. Lets see if my startup requirements fit.

1) If there is no business model, its a hobby, not an idea.
Yay! I've got a biz model that some say will grow consistently for twenty years.

2) The best ideas make your customers money.
Blast! Sorry guys, I'm the rich one.

3) If you're going B2C, look for revenue models that don't come right from the consumer.

4) Revisit every bad idea every once in awhile
Mark Cuban tried in the late 90's, so I guess this would be a throwback to that era of webcasting... except a whole lot betta.

5)Do your best to create a system of recurring revenue.
"Advertising on websites and such is easy. " Check!

More later.

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