Monday, November 13, 2006

Video hosting provider

Hey hey y'all...

Since I don't know who exactly reads this blog, i've got my requirements list for a videohosting provider... with one in particular in mind. Let me know if you know of any other hosting providers who could fulfill these requirements.

Main and primary requirement:

Seamless integration of video files. I want to be able to stack video back to back with literally NO GAP. NONE. AT ALL. Zero Frames. Nada.

Secondary requirement:

Stats tracking on all video elements played. Most obvious reason: ads. Would like associated tracking to be as detailed as possibile.

Tertiary requirement:

Creating a player with a manual playlist (IE daily or perhaps hourly shows) as well as players that can be created dynamically (permalinks, category pages, etc.)

Also, have a player that can syndicate part of a video (perhaps referencing the story's permalink player) or syndicate an entire video.

Oh yeah, and some sort of standards based podcasting solution with little or no intervention from me would be the awesomeness.

Help me out here!

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