Monday, November 27, 2006

Things I'm thankful for

So on this post-thanksgiving black friday, let me breakdown exactly what I'm thankful for, and provide perspective on why I'm thankful for such things.

a) Trials
Weird choice to be first, eh? I've had my share of life trials, and I'm sure they'll continue. For now, they've seemed to subside, but I expect they'll be back.

b) Spirit
the spirit, and as a subset my spiritual life in general. The spirit of God is how I try to live my life. When I ask questions, He answers through the fruits of the spirit [Gal. 5:22]

b) Family
Kind of a subset of trials sometimes =) but family is the first material thing I'm thankful for. Over the last year, I've come to understand more how I need my family. I need them, and I can't live without them.

c) the Internet
Greatness! Creating opportunities that didn't exist before. With the Internet, I've had a bunch of opporunities I wouldn't have had, had I lived even five years prior. Big ups the internet, and all my internet dawgs (Jason C, Peter R, Ryan B (All Three of em) C.K. S)

d) Nathan Nelson
Enabling my dreams, just like the internet. He's seemingly come out of no where, and now as a big advisor for me, he's helping me achieve my dreams.

By the way, my eyes are this crazy shade of red, because I was coughing so hard my blood vessels burst. Sorry for the imagery.

This blog post took a long time, so I'm also breaking down other thoughts: Cinemax has all six star wars episodes!!! IN HD!!! Yeah, I want it now.

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