Monday, October 09, 2006


Wow... I gues Poynter does know how to use Technorati.

Me on Poynter.

OK, I've only seen one instance of this, so I can't say it's a trend. But it really cracked me up.

Blogger "Randall" from New York City.
Excerpt from a July 13 blog posting by "Randall" -- "I don't mean to go all Poynter on everyone, but seriously... like every CNN lead to reporters is 'What's the latest steve?' Aren't there more effective leads to reporters than 'In Haifa, CNN reporter Ben Wheadaman is live. Ben... What's the latest?...'"

This is the cultural zeitgeist, dear colleagues. Poynter has been reduced to a neurosis. Our unraveling continues...

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testmonkey said...

dude, you're famous!