Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Thriving under pressure

So I've come to learn a couple key things about myself over the last 12 hours.

#1--I've got something wrong with me where I don't need to eat.

#2--I thrive under pressure.

I'm getting on a plane in 9 hours, haven't packed yet [going to try to sleep on the flight...] and my final graphics are just now rendering.

For some reason, cutting it close isn't a matter of choice, its a matter of necessity. I seem to solve problems more creatively when I've got a deadline monkey on my back. I think that's what I miss about TV sooo(ooo) much. I love the idea of having nothing at 11pm, but then putting on a two hour show at five am.

Now, i'm going to be tired/hungry for a few more hours. I may end up picking up some food somewhere, but I'm not quite sure where yet.



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