Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blizzard, whateva.

So, some may say there are blizzard-like conditions in the north east, and I'm going to disagree. Yes, NYC saw 27" of snow... but not that much wind, and you could still see. It was definetely more brutal than a normal Salt Lake snowfall, but I'm going to say I've definetely seen worse (IE the trip back from a USU basketball game in Logan at 2AM.)

Thanks in part to the stupid snow, I had to wait forever for a subway car just to go to church. Kind of frustrating, but at least the car actually came, and it was only like half an hour. The problem? Now, I know for sure, my iPod battery is hosed from all that car-adapter nonsense. Totally died after like one hour of playback.

Now, I'm waiting in the subway station to go back to Brooklyn. Good times, eh? Kind of nuts times is more like it. The mta (manhattan transit authority) says to stay indoors and not go anywhere. They're also keeping the train counts down, probably because they don't have enough workers to work each train.

So, reflecting on the new york experience requires a couple different blog posts, and the train is finally freaking here. More later.

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