Wednesday, February 15, 2006

If I see a press release about you, you're not hardcore.

News Flash:

Rapper Penelope Jones will appear on americas most wanted this weekend.

News Flash:

Rapper Penelope Jones exploiting past for future gains.

I really enjoy hip-hop, and I really like the more positive spin on hip-hop, IE Kanye West, Black Eyed Peas (some may hate me for that, 'tis ok, I really liked them pre-fergie, like that gets me any cred back) and on the more independent side, Mos Def, Talib Kwali, De La Soul, the Fugees, Tribe Called Quest, and others in the more vibrant and interesting style of hip-hop that so many Americans aren't necessarily accustomed to.

I really REALLY hate hip-hop when it sells an image of a star, and not just their music. When's the last time you heard 50 Cent say "its about the music, stop going over my past." When you see 50 cent on stage, he's rocking a bullet proof vest, with gun targets in the background. Really, really, stupid.

I'm not just player hating, because I can, I'm player hating because I'd rather hear someome rap about money, cars, and rims than how hard they are. Jay-Z walked the fine line, and turned out gold. I wish he could have been lyrically Talib Kwali for more than a few albums, but, yeah, we all yell holla. I think Jay-Z and 50 were bordering on a rap feud "I didn't get shot up a whole bunch of times.... or make up [ish] in a whole bunch of rhymes..." sounds like a 50 cent call out to me. Whatever though. Positivity reigns supreme.

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foxyluxfontaine said...

Hey Randall, it's Talib Kweli. Do you miss Utah yet? I might be covering Tribeca, so make room on the couch!