Sunday, February 12, 2006

Friends, food and subway fun

So, I've been in new york for a week now. The place is so jam packed with people and things, its very hard not to be either completley overwhelmed, or to not just ignore everything. So far, I've made a couple of really good friends, but almost exclusively thanks to weblogs, inc. and our diverse group of awesome bloggers. So far, my couple of best friends are Ryan Block, of Engadget, Kat Parr, of Cinematical and other blogs, and Tom Hines, who still needs to start his own blog.

Let's start with tom. He, like all of the other aformentioned bloggers, lives in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. My second day here, he was cool enough to take me around and let me see the sights of lovely williamsburg. He kind of convinced me to be in the 'burg. He took me out to dinner with two other lovely people, and we ate at this sweet Italian eatery. It was really small, but really awesome.

So, one of my other really good friends is Ryan Block. We've been working together for the past eight-ish months. He provided the window of opportunity I needed to get headed out east. He's one of the hosts on the Engadget podcast. He's a really cool guy, and coincidentally, my sublet is literally around the corner from his place. He's cool enough to show me around, give me cool new york tips, and be a good friend, especially now.

That brings us to my other real good buddy, Kat. She has a sweet pad in Williamsburg, and we've been hanging out a good amount. She's cool enough to be down with the buick grand national. She is from texas, but I won't hold that against her. (joking!) She's a really good cook, too, which is always a gaurenteed way to make friends.

One other blogger, who doesn't live in new york but is also super helpful, is Fabienne Serriere. She's in Berlin, but was cool enough to give me new york tips before I left, and after I arrived. She hooked me up with a good cheesecake spot in midtown too.

Those are the basics of the people around this joint. They're most definetely cool.

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