Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I really don't like Valleywag, because they usually (almost always) get the story wrong, but I don't mind their commenters. Case in point:

KaZaA, the P2p company who sued the RIAA for copyright infringement, while they were getting sued, is suing another company for libel. Bloggers are kind of mad, and Cory Doctorow posted this message:

This is about as bogus as it comes -- real crybaby stuff, wah, someone said something nasty about me, I'll sue the site on which it appears -- and P2PNet deserves better. They're raising funds for their defense, and I'll pitch in a hundred bucks once it's live.

For the non tech folks: Cory Doctorow writes for a blog that runs neck-and-neck with Engadget as the biggest blog in the world.

Nick Douglas, the internet's biggest leech, then posts

The lesson we can all learn: Do not make Cory Doctorow think you're an asshole, or he will hurt you with words and money.

A little funny, but more of the irony and the "DRM 4-eva" easy route on Doctorow.

Then, an awesome commenter comes back with something ACTUALLY funny.

Let's hope he keeps throwing words and money at stuff so that he will eventually run out of both.

by Anonymous

Yeah, I'm definitely not a Valleywag fan, and not really a Gawker fan in general, but I do care for their commenters, which is something I can't say for WIN commenters.

Joystiq, TUAW commenters, I'm looking in your direction. Shut up already.

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Nick Douglas said...

I'll put you on the "ping them when I'm finally funny" mailing list.