Friday, May 19, 2006

Xbox 360, a modest review

I've had my xbox360 for a couple days now, and I'll say it's some of the best graphics i've ever had in my home. While i feel pretty for playing it, I definetely don't think that the Xbox has the best gameplay of any console. I think Nintendo is on to something with their new Wii console, but i'll get to that later.

I went to E3, the electronic Entertainment Expo in LA last week, and it basically convinced me to buy an Xbox360. I decided that it was going to be the next gen console of choice, next to the Wii, and since I'm not waiting for the PS3, the time was right to plunk down the cash, and get the 360. I've got to say that I'm satisfied with PGR3, Tony Hawk: American Wasteland and Tiger Woods 06, but as for Madden 06, NBA Live 06 and Quake 4, I'm taking them back tomorrow. The games were obviously rushed out the door, with an emphasis on pretty graphics and not gameplay. While I appreciate the effort of those EA artists, I'd appreciate more forthought from EA management, and I'd hope they'd realize that graphics can sell a game, but not make me happy. The controls, animations and overall feel of the games feels like an E3 demo, and not a finished product. If Microsoft wasn't breathing down their backs, and EA wasn't in such a rush to get the games into the marketplace before the hoidays, Madden 06 could have been a great game. Same goes for Live (although Live is infinately better than Madden.)

I've been enjoying my time with the 360, and haven't started playing oblivion yet, mainly because I know it will ruin my life. I think that life ruining will take place on saturday, and i'll be a slave to the game.



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