Sunday, May 28, 2006

uno = runing my life

Note the timestamp on this post.

That's right, its 2:51. I've been up, playing UNO for the past few hours.

It's simply ruining my life. If you'd have told me my favorite xbox 360 games would be 5 bucks or less, i'd have laughed at you. Geometry wars and Uno are undoubtedly some of the best gaming experiences i've ever had, and they're both cheap.

Also, of note, Tiger Woods golf is as fun as ever, Tony Hawk is also a blast (as usual) and for the xbox exclusive games, PGR3 is amazing (probably the best racer i've seen, and while not quite on par with every other racer i've played, pretty good none the less.) Also, two noteworthy games i haven't played: Metroid Prime Hunters -- still in the shrinkwrap due to addiciton, and same with Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. I basically want to ruin my life with Uno, and don't need an awesome first person shooter for the DS or a great RPG for the 360 to do it for me. They're staying in the shrink wrap, till I decide I want my free time consumed with those great games.



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