Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Chase + me = OVER

Chasebank is the worst bank in the history of banks. If it wasn't enough that they charge $10 for access using quicken, today i went in to check a transaction that was supposed to go through today for $500, and they removed $500 from my checking, but only deposited $400 on my credit card.

I'm angry.

Now i've been transferred to seven eight nine different representatives.

I'm more angry.

Chase and I are through as a bank.

59 minutes on the phone so far.


So no one could tell me WTF was going on with my account. Grande total of minutes taken for them to say "I don't know what the deal is?" 65 minutes.


On hold again after being called back. 5 more wasted cell phone minutes.

Chase PR, if you're reading this, you owe me something. 65 minutes.
I hope it was all roming so Cingular hates me now.

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