Sunday, June 11, 2006


Names have been changed, language has been made more friendly.

See if you can guess which one I am.

[22:30] Agent RBU: word
[22:30] Not me: word
[22:30] Agent RBU: so i just told the girl i'm in love with how i felt
[22:30] Not me: snap
[22:30] Not me: rejected?
[22:30] Not me: jk
[22:30] Agent RBU: needless to say, things could have gone better...
[22:30] Agent RBU: lol
[22:30] Agent RBU: it was "odd"
[22:31] Not me: oh no!
[22:31] Agent RBU: there's so much history/drama
[22:31] Not me: c-razy
[22:31] Agent RBU: yea
[22:31] Not me: you'll have to tell me about it over a pint (of milk.)
[22:31] Agent RBU: LOL
[22:31] Agent RBU: awesome
[22:31] Agent RBU: that literally made me crack up
[22:31] Agent RBU: will you have some tiny violins too?
[22:32] Not me: yeah
[22:32] Agent RBU: so i was hoping my misery helped you along just a little ;)
[22:32] Not me: yeah, not really
[22:32] Agent RBU: i know the rest of my a****** friends will get a big kick out of it
[22:32] Not me: my sister would say "my talk went awesome"
[22:33] Agent RBU: honestly, i had you in my thoughts/prayers all day today
[22:33] Not me: it helped dude
[22:33] Not me: cause i literally put away all the speeches i prepared
[22:33] Not me: and just talked
[22:33] Agent RBU: i do what i can, i was thinking about sacrificing an animal...
[22:33] Not me: and i think it turned out great
[22:33] Agent RBU: good
[22:33] Not me: it just sucked
[22:33] Not me: cause its like
[22:33] Not me: well
[22:33] Agent RBU: there was no way i was going to even suggest anything to you, but i wanted to tell you that
[22:33] Not me: not so much sucked as made me realize stuff
[22:33] Agent RBU: to just "talk"
[22:34] Not me: like i realized that at this second
[22:34] Not me: this very second
[22:34] Not me: before my brother died
[22:34] Not me: our lives were like at a crossing point
[22:34] Not me: like before this week
[22:34] Not me: my life was always looking up to ryan
[22:34] Not me: and after this week
[22:34] Not me: it was going to be as a peer
[22:34] Not me: with the site launching
[22:34] Agent RBU: crazy...
[22:35] Not me: yeah
[22:35] Not me: and here's the more *bleep-a-roo!* part
[22:35] Not me: thursday: site launches
[22:35] Not me: friday: funeral
[22:35] Not me: saturday: I go back home to new york
[22:35] Agent RBU: wow...
[22:35] Not me: (or maybe sunday)
[22:35] Not me: then monday
[22:35] Not me: my life begins
[22:35] Agent RBU: monday, you get to look at my pretty face and it helps
[22:35] Not me: it sounds really overly hyperbolic
[22:36] Not me: to have it displayed that way
[22:36] Not me: and to say something about like "my life begins"
[22:36] Not me: but i really feel like it's the truth
[22:36] Agent RBU: not at all, i feel you
[22:36] Not me: like i feel like everything in my life has been leading up to this moment
[22:36] Agent RBU: well, you know what i mean
[22:36] Agent RBU: that's a big part of why i said something to *REDACTED* tonight
[22:36] Agent RBU: everything changes this week
[22:36] Agent RBU: everything
[22:36] Not me: we're like a crappy plot for a movie
[22:36] Agent RBU: lol
[22:36] Agent RBU: a very crappy movie
[22:36] Not me: yeah
[22:37] Not me: its like traffic
[22:37] Not me: sans the coke, and about nerds
[22:37] Agent RBU: hahaha
[22:37] Agent RBU: yea
[22:37] Not me: "somewhere.. *PROJECT X* is effecting someone else's life."


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